Success Stories

Examples of the benefits MCAG clients have received as a result of our Settlement Recovery Service

For the 2010 UHC Ingenix Settlement, it is possible only around 25% of eligible Class Members would have filed, even though the ‘simplified’ filing option required little more than a signature. MCAG’s program increased settlement returns, for its Class Member clients, by more than 40%, compared to the ‘simplified’ filing. MCAG’s filings, referred to as ‘contested’ claims because they were supplemented by data, accounted for approximately 90% of all ‘contested’ claims filed.

In the 2014 Becton Dickinson Hypodermic Products Settlement, MCAG’s filing for a hospital nearly doubled that of a competitor. By working with Class Counsel and querying the Defendant supplied data, MCAG identified three times as many locations as the competitor and increased the filing by over 95% - $4.1 million versus $2.1 million.  

In the 2014 US Foods Pricing Settlement, MCAG improved a client’s filing by approximately 80%, compared to a claim that the client had filed. The client filed two claim forms on their own that they had received – worth approximately $170,000 in recoveries. MCAG queried the Defendant supplied data and discovered 12 more eligible locations worth approximately $135,000 in additional recoveries.

In the 2015 Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Indirect Purchasers Product Settlement, MCAG discovered a settlement provision that allowed for us to increase filings made on behalf of our clients by an average of 15%. The settlement process anticipated filings made primarily for TVs and computer monitors, but also allowed for the submission of other eligible products. MCAG identified certain businesses that purchased large quantities of these other products, such as medical equipment and oscilloscopes, and increased filings for many clients by more than 35%.