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MCAG's Settlement Recovery Service

MCAG is an expert in obtaining money for businesses through its class action Settlement Recovery Service. We have over a decade of experience working with the nation’s preeminent class action litigators and settlement administrators. Whenever possible, MCAG uses data, often provided by its partners and trusted vendors of its clients, when negotiating a claim to maximize returns for clients. MCAG maintains an intricate knowledge of settlement documents and the claim filing process.


Why choose MCAG?

MCAG is a class action settlement expert, who has distributed hundreds of millions to clients through our Settlement Recovery Service. We'll handle all of the details including preparing and submitting any required documentation and claim forms. Then we'll work with settlement administrators to reconcile and distribute appropriate recoveries under the terms of the settlements.


MCAG finds settlement opportunities

Our settlement experts are trained to find settlements for which you may be eligible with little to no effort required on your part. We may need to collect some additional information for opportunities that arise in the future. We promise this process will be quick and painless.


No upfront cost

MCAG only works on a contingent fee basis when providing recovery services for clients. You avoid upfront fees and enjoy the comfort of knowing that our motivation is in harmony with your needs and expectations.


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Enroll in our service today by providing us with some basic information about your business. The enrollment process takes less than 10 minutes. Click the Contact Us icon to request a 6-digit code to enroll online.

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